WisDOT invites public comment on planning processes

Metro Wire Staff

A 60-day public comment period begins today for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Coordination Document, which helps guide how the agency gathers feedback and engages stakeholders.

“Public participation is essential to meeting our responsibility to serve,” WisDOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson. “I invite everyone to not only review this document, but to also get involved in the planning that shapes Wisconsin communities and determines our transportation infrastructure.”

WisDOT cooperates and consults continuously with affected and interested parties in all areas of the state. The document outlines the processes by which WisDOT will coordinate with various parties during the development of required planning products and other select programs. It also highlights some of WisDOT’s successful practices and reviews the steps in the local cooperation and consultation processes for select planning and programming efforts.

To see a draft of the Coordination Document, please visit https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/doing-bus/local-gov/plning-orgs/local-con.aspx.

Public comment on it can be made to:


Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Investment Management
4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor South
PO Box 7913
Madison, WI 53707-7913
Phone: 608.267.7751
Email: [email protected]

The document, previously titled “Documentation of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Process for Cooperation and Consultation with Local Officials and Tribal Governments in Non-Metropolitan Areas” was last updated in March 2016.

Under federal law, WisDOT must reevaluate this document and provide opportunities for comments and suggested changes every five years.

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