Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partnership, mayor, head to Esteli

Metro Wire Staff

A group of 13 headed out for Nicaragua on Thursday, part of a goodwill mission by the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners.

The W/NP, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, is a partner city program, controlled by local citizen organizations like Rotary International. Local Rotarians, along with other groups, send items of necessity and comfort—including used classroom furniture and fire dept. gear—to Nicaragua throughout the year. 

The group was led by W/NP Director Amy Wiza, and left town on Feb. 22 on a bus to the airport. 

“I know some of the conditions will be fairly primitive,” said Mayor Mike Wiza, was was also part of the group, “but we’re looking for this to be an incredible learning, and community-building, experience.”

It’s the mayor’s second trip out of the country since being elected in 2015. Last year, he spent two weeks in sister city Rostov Veliky, Russia. Wiza is expected to return from Nicaragua in early March.

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