Whiting Ave. construction begins Monday

By Patrick Lynn

Crews will begin work on Whiting Ave. Monday.

The city has hired Stuczynski Trucking & Excavating to take on the project, according to Public Works Director Scott Beduhn, which rebuilds the roadway on a heavily-used connection between Water St. and River View Ave./County Hwy. HH.

Beduhn said crews will clear any obstructions to the work beginning July 8, and the road surface will be pulverized beginning late in the week.

It’s more than just a resurfacing project, Beduhn said, but not quite a total rebuild of the road.

“They’re not really doing anything for the underground utilities—there may need to be some readjustments there, but the road is getting a little bit of a change to it because it’s not a very uniform cross-section,” Beduhn said.

Some areas of the road will be widened slightly, Beduhn said, and crews will “build up a better base” to the road surface before repaving. Both will create a more uniform road, he said.

Crews will also rebuild some of the swales in the residential area, which abuts the Portage Co. Health and Human Services building and the old Stevens Point landfill.

“We’re hoping to get the water to drain a little better in that area,” Beduhn said. “But we don’t expect this to be a real quick job.”

The project is expected to go through September, depending on weather, he said.