Tuesday Night “Jim Barden” Coed Softball League

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May 22 Games at Moore Barn Memorial

Joe’s Bar (1-1) 13 Ice Cold Pitchers (0-1) 9.

Joe’s Bar: Four hits: Travis Kempf, Casey Bielen. Three hits: Shannon Hoffman, Kyle Salzmann, Bobby Sullivan, Brian Noll. Two hits: Meg Lee.

Home Runs: Kyle Salzmann (2), Travis Kempf, Casey Bielen.
Triples: Shannon Hoffman, Brian Noll
Doubles: Casey Bielen (2), Val Folan.

Ice Cold Pitchers: Three hits: Alex Young, Skyler Tointon. Two hits: Daniel Sukow, Jeremy Studinski, Brady Hoffman.

Home Runs: Jeremy Studinski (2).
Doubles: Alex Young, Daniel Sukow, Brady Hoffman

NOTE: Kyle Salzmann and Shannon Hoffman made spectacular catches in the outfield for Joe’s Bar.
Ice Cold Pitchers infield of Daniel Sukow, Bradie Hammond, and Brady Hoffman turned three double plays.
Kim Schmitz of Joe’s said: “It was a perfect night for softball.”

Zinda Insurance (2-0) 18 Parkway Bar (0-2) 2

Zinda Insurance: Four hits: Travis Pliska, Adam Lee. Three hits: Danny Swoboda, Andy Disher. Two hits: Brianna Dobbratz, Richard Blue, Brooke Zimmer, Theresa Rathman, Sara Skibicki.

Home Runs: Travis Pliska, Danny Swoboda, Andy Disher, Adam Lee.
Triples: Sara Skibicki.
Doubles: Richard Blue.

Parkway Bar: Three singles (Kristen DeVogel, Ashley Tikalski, Dan Tikalski.)

Note: Dan Tikalski had both RBIs for Parkway.

Richard Blue of Zinda Insurance retired the first nine Parkway hitters.

Note: Amy “Batgirl” Ulrich handled the boombox duties during the games. Amy said: “I liked playing the Beach Boys and songs from “Grease”.

Umpire Jesse Higgins ate some broasted chicken wings between games.

League Standings:

Zinda Insurance: 2-0. Steve O’s: 1-0. Joe’s Bar: 1-1. Ice Cold Pitchers: 0-1. Parkway Bar: 0-2.

Steve O’s had the bye.

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