L-R: Chief Dan Ault, Ofc. Jeremy Anderson, Det. Mike Tracy, and Capt. Ryan Fox. (Metro Wire photo)

Things get hairy at Plover PD for United Way fundraiser

By Brandi Makuski

Plover police officers have let their hair down a bit for the month of November.

A total of 11 male officers from the PPD stopped shaving at the beginning of November, part of a fundraiser the department conducts each year for the United Way.

“Officers can donate any amount they wish, but so long as they donate, they get to relax grooming standards for the month,” said Plover Police Chief Dan Ault. ”

Women in the department were offered a chance to participate with a variation of the relaxed grooming standards, one that allowed them to dye a small section of their hair blue—signifying police support—but Ault said no one took advantage of the offer.

Female department members will, however, get to determine who has the best soup-catcher among the men.

Ault said officers who participate have been asked about the beards, and he encourages them to explain the department’s support for the United Way.

“I’ve probably been asked about it a dozen times already,” Ault said. “So it’s a good way to spread the message of donating to the United Way.”

Once a winner is chosen at month’s end, he will have his photo displayed at PPD as the 2018 Bearded Warrior. Det. Mike Tracy has won for the past two years.

“I think he’s got some stiff competition this year,” Ault said.

The United Way kicked off its 2018 campaign in August. For more information on the United Way of Portage Co., or to donate, click here.