Thanks to DNA match, Wisconsin DOJ charges Plover man with sex assault

By Patrick Lynn

A Plover man has been charged with second-degree sex assault following a joint investigation between the Wisconsin Department of Justice and Stevens Point police.

Terence D. Blackmon, 45, is accused of raping a woman at her Stevens Point home in 2012 as her three children, including a three-month-old in a bassinet near the woman’s bed, were sleeping.

Blackmon was arrested on July 9.

According to the criminal complaint, Blackmon, who told the woman his name was “Keyshawn”, called her at 5 a.m. on May 5, 2012, to ask what she was doing. The woman, who said she was acquaintances with Blackmon, told him she was up with her infant child but would soon return to bed.

Shortly after the call ended, Blackmon appeared at the woman’s front door. She invited him to sleep on her couch and returned to her bedroom.

While lying in bed with her three-month-old child on her chest, the woman said Blackmon entered her room and laid on the bed next to her, where he began to touch the woman. She didn’t say anything because she was scared, the complaint said.

The woman placed her infant into a bassinet in her room, then laid back on the bed, facing away from Blackmon, and said she was going to sleep. Blackmon began kissing the woman, then fondled and raped her without a condom.

The woman told police Blackmon “wasn’t exactly forceful” but added he was holding her hips down so she could not move. She told him several times to stop, the complaint said, but only after she told Blackmon one of her children was awake did he let her go.

The woman was able to dress and go downstairs. Blackmon followed a few moments later then left the home.

The woman, who was breastfeeding her infant and still recovering from a C-section, according to the complaint, was seen for a sexual assault exam the same morning. A swab of Blackmon’s sperm was collected from the woman and added to the Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, ultimately matching Blackmon’s DNA profile.

To confirm the match, a Stevens Point police officer collected a DNA swab from Blackmon last July. The match was confirmed May 10, according to a news release from Attorney General Josh Kaul’s office. Assistant Attorney General Noel A. Lawrence is prosecuting the case.

During his July 10 initial appearance, Blackmon was granted a $5,000 signature bond by Portage Co. Circuit Court Judge Robert Shannon. Blackmon is scheduled to return to court Aug. 5.