Testin: Governor’s budget lapses showcase ‘misplaced priorities’

Metro Wire Staff

State Senator Patrick Testin believes Gov. Tony Evers’ priorities are out of step with the needs of the people of the state, particularly children.

Testin said Evers directed a nearly $25 million lapse from the Department of Children and Families, which included funds for services utilized by victims of abuse and sex trafficking, as well as by children in need.

“Wisconsin’s budget is over $80 billion, and while Governor Evers had several options, he chose to take nearly five times as much funding from children and families as he did from the DNR,” Testin said in a Feb. 4 email. “Governor Evers’ priorities are out of step with Wisconsin families.”

The nearly $301 million lapse to the general fund for fiscal year ’20-’21 follows a lapse of nearly $70 million for fiscal year ’19-’20.