Sypher’s disappearance hits one-year mark

By Brandi Makuski

Tuesday, March 13 marks one year since a Plover woman reportedly left her Hoffman Dr. home and never returned.

Jason Sypher entered the Plover Police Dept. on March 20, 2017, to report his wife, 44-year-old Krista, had been missing for a full week. The mother of three, an educational assistant with the Stevens Point School District, is still considered a missing person, Plover police said on Monday.

Plover Police Chief Dan Ault this week said his department is “close” to giving further details regarding the thousands of man hours he estimates have been spent investigating Krista Sypher’s disappearance, but declined to provide additional information.

PPD has been working the case “very aggressively,” over the past year, Ault said, in cooperation with officers from Stevens Point, Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office, the Wisconsin Dept. of Criminal Investigation, FBI and other entities. Police have conducted several searches at Hoffman Dr. residence where Krista was last seen—the family has since moved—and two weeks last June searching a Wisconsin Rapids landfill.

Ault has repeatedly declined to say what, if any, evidence has been collected so far because the investigation is still ongoing, but when asked about the landfill search, last year he did say “we didn’t find everything we’re looking for.”

“I absolutely understand the frustration felt by the public,” Ault said. “We share that frustration, but it’s important to know that there’s often a lot of activity going on with this case that the public just isn’t aware of.”

Ault said he and other officers think they know what happened to Krista, and don’t believe she left the house “of her own accord,” but he has declined to elaborate.

Krista is a white female, 44 years old and 5’3” tall. She is approximately 160 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes. Police say she may use her maiden name of Kellerman, or her former married name of Lorbecki.

The Plover Police Department is asking that anyone with information about Sypher’s whereabouts or any other information about her disappearance to contact Det. Mike Tracy or Det. Brian Noel at the Plover Police Dept., (715) 345-5255.