Students at P.J.’s unbox the past, make additions to time capsule

By Brandi Makuski

The last time the Motorola DPC 650 in the wood box saw the sunlight, the year was 1996.

The cassette tapes of Mike Rogers and Dallas Cole deejaying on WSPT? 1979. The three members of the P.J. Jacob’s Student Council had never seen a cassette tape before, and none of them could figure out how to open the case.

Claire Swiecki, Jackelin Rangel, and Kylie Wiza. (Metro Wire photo)

“I’ve never actually seen a cassette tape in person before,” Claire Swiecki said, studying the case.

It was one of many surprises for freshmen Swiecki, Jackelin Rangel, and Kylie Wiza, who opened the school’s time capsule. The box held goodies from 1979 and 2000.

The students were charged, under the direction of social studies teacher and student council advisor Alicia Skarsten, with adding more pieces of history from 2001 to the present.

“Oh, I see there’s nothing in there from 9/11,” Skarsten said. “This was all put together before that, so we’ll have to dig up some newspapers or something on that.”

Wiza said the cell phone stuck out the most for her—the flip phone had an antenna, something she hadn’t seen before.

A sports award from 1979 could pass for one from 2021, the girls said. (Metro Wire photo)

There were old magazines and floppy disks, an old Coke-a-Cola bottle, and a phone book—another item the students said they’d ever used before. The box contained old school calendars, newspapers, and yearbooks, and magazines. The girls found hairstyles from the past amusing.

Now, the group will decide what to include in the box from recent years. All agreed that COVID masks were a necessity. Skarsten also suggested newspapers detailing the Capital riots on Jan. 6.

Recent yearbooks, a new Coke-a-Cola bottle, and literature on the nation’s vaping craze are also expected to be added to the collection before it’s closed back up, Skartsen said.

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