Student arrested for making threats at Amherst school

By Brandi Makuski

One student was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly threatening to harm district staff and other students at an Amherst school.

Portage Co. Sheriff Mike Lukas said the student was taken into custody before school started on Oct. 2, and is now at the juvenile detention center of the Portage Co. Jail.

Lukas declined to say whether the student was male or female, or how old the student was, but the alleged threats made by the student indicated a plan to act out some type of violence next week. Lukas did not elaborate on the exact nature of the threat.

The Tomorrow River School District houses high school, middle school, and elementary students in different wings of the same building at 357 North Main St., Amherst.

“We had a heavy presence out at Amherst because a couple of students mentioned something about a student possibly harming some other students next week,” Lukas said on Thursday.

For making a terroristic threat, Lukas said the student is being referred to the Portage County Department of Health and Human Services. It was not immediately clear if the student would face disciplinary actions by the school.

Lukas emphasized the need for members of the public to contact law enforcement when they hear threats against others.

“Any threat that somebody would hear, whether it’s vague or secondhand, it’s important to report it to law enforcement, so we can determine whether it’s a valid threat,” Lukas said. “People have to realize nowadays, it’s not a joke.”

Lukas said a letter would be sent to parents with students attending Amherst schools.