The Stockton Fire Department cadre pose for a group photo, moments after being sworn in by Town Chairman Mike Bronk on June 26. (Metro Wire photo)

Stockton firefighters/EMTs swear to uphold Constitution

By Brandi Makuski

STOCKTON — Firefighters in the town of Stockton are now sworn Constitutional officers.

During the June 26 mass swearing-in, Chief Jeremy Spencer also announced a new partnership with Woodlands Church in Plover, where pastors will now provide chaplain services to the department.

The ceremony on June 26 was heavily attended by department members, family, and friends.

“We’re incredibly excited about this partnership and looking forward to the future,” Spencer said. “Traditions are a crucial part of the fire/EMS service, and at the Stockton Fire Department, we are starting one of the longest-standing traditions in the service today.”

Spencer emphasized the importance of the oath that all fire/EMS members were about to take, which promises to defend the Constitution of the United States and to follow local and state laws. He also highlighted the sacrifices made by firefighters and their families, expressing deep gratitude.

“As I look out and see my wife, Brittany, and my son, Joey, I know the sacrifice they make,” he said. “Many of your families are here today. Please take a moment this evening to thank them for supporting you.”

Spencer acknowledged the challenges and rewards of the job, from handling bad car accidents and structure fires to saving lives through CPR and offering peace of mind with simple checks.

“From the grandmother who fell and just needed help up, I thank you. From the single mother whose carbon monoxide meter was alarming, I thank you. From the father whose son you cared for during that car accident, I thank you,” Spencer added.

The mass swearing-in was conducted by Stockton Town Chairman Mike Bronk. Portage County Supervisor Jeanne Dodge, who represents the town in her service to the county, was also present.

The Stockton Fire Department officially began its service on January 1, 2008, after ending its contract with the village of Plover for fire protection services. Retired Chief Tim Kluck played a crucial role in the department’s establishment, which initially responded to 921 incidents in its first year.

Before 2008, Stockton relied on neighboring fire departments for emergency services. The decision to form its own department was driven by the need for localized and efficient fire protection and emergency medical services, according to town records.

Bronk said the department is committed to “serving the community with pride, honor, and integrity.”

Wisconsin state law requires firefighters to be sworn in by taking an official oath. According to Wisconsin Legislature Chapter 19.01, firefighters must swear to support the constitutions of the United States and Wisconsin and to faithfully discharge the duties of their office.

After the ceremony, department members were reminded to sign their official oaths of office and participate in a group photo. Members then had a potluck meal with their families in the Town Hall.