Spring thaw uncovers two handguns in Stevens Point

Metro Wire Staff

Stevens Point police say the spring thaw has uncovered two handguns in different parts of the city.

Every year, items that have been lost, discarded, or thrown out are revealed by the snow thaw. Police say they find all types of personal property, along with needles, cell phones, knives—and most recently, guns.

Within the past two weeks, SPPD has recovered two different handguns with unknown owners within the city limits. One was in a city park and the other was found on the front lawn of a UW-Stevens Point building.

Stevens Point police announced the find on its Facebook page on Thursday, urging members of the public to use caution when finding these items.

“Items that you should NEVER touch are knives, needles, or guns,” the post reads. “You should call law enforcement immediately. Other items, such as wallets, keys, and cell phones, can be turned in at the police department. If you are ever unsure whether you touch an item or not, don’t touch it and call the police.”

A call for more information from Lt. Dana Williams was not immediately returned.

SPPD can be reached at 715.346.1500. As always, call 911 for an emergency.

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