(Courtesy SPPD)

SPPD announces design finalists for new K9 logo

Metro Wire Staff

The Stevens Point Police Department is looking for a new K9 logo, and they need the community’s help.

The department held a logo contest in May, and just released the five finalist designs.

“Now we need your help, we are looking to narrow the five designs down to three with community voting,” Lt. Jeremy Mueller said in an SPPD Facebook post.

The finalist designs were submitted by Vanessa Hatfield, Autumn Polum, Steph Schlegel, Kelly Rudolph, and Riley Mueller. The department will choose a winner from the top three designs.

The department installed its K9 unit in April 2018 to help address the city’s rising drug problem. SPPD uses two Belgian Malinois trained in scent tracking various drugs, and in article tracking and apprehension.

SPPD maintains the program will with drug forfeitures, along with an anticipated $5,000-$8,000 in annual donations.

Voting takes place here: https://bit.ly/3gynKtz