Shoe Column: The Stevens Point Quiz

By Tim “Shoe” Sullivan

So, you say you know your way around Stevens Point, eh? Well, let’s find out. We want you to sit back, put your feet up, and think happy thoughts as you try your luck with the Stevens Point Quiz. You will be a true “Pointer” if you answer all of these questions correctly. Good luck!

1. Which “Pointer” is a buddy of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian…and also literally once “bumped” into President John F. Kennedy at the White House… and was a Little League teammate of the major leaguer who hit the first home run at Anaheim Stadium?
A. Kenny Opiola.
B. Ron Shimek.
C. Jared Redfield.
D. Gavin Scott
E. Fred Mertz.

2. What Stevens Point native played “RoboCop”?
A. Bob Feller.
B. Cody Zeller.
C. Peter Weller.
D. Joseph Heller.
E. Peter Sellers.

3. Which Stevens Pointer donated six new bicycles to the Easter Egg Roll?
A. Prune Kinney.
B. Scott Prince.
C. Dave Suchon.
D. Kim Krayecki.
E. Taylor Dernbach.

4. Who played Mimi on the “Drew Carey Show”?
A. Dabo Swinney.
B. Carol Burnett.
C. Kathy Kinney.
D. Cory Kluck.
E. Erin Auer.

5. What downtown business sold Rhubarb Jolly Ranchers?
A. Westy’s.
B. The Big Moon Saloon.
C. S&J’s Palace.
D. Overlook.
E. Shippy’s Shoes.

6. What fish will you not catch by the Clark Street Bridge on the Wisconsin River?
A. Bullhead.
B. Northern pike.
C. Bluegill.
D. Flounder.
E. Carp.

7. What is the name of the church downtown just east of the ShopKo parking lot on Main?
A. Trinity Lutheran.
B. St. Stan’s.
C. Good Shepherd.
D. Frame Memorial.
E. Southern Methodist.

8. In its heyday, what would you NOT find in the Fox Theatre?
A. Stage.
B. Balcony.
C. Bats.
D. Water fountain.
E. Bowling alley.

9. Which Stevens Point park has a lagoon?
A. Mead Park.
B. Iverson Park.
C. Bukolt Park.
D. Fenway Park.
E. Bert Parks.

10. Which place used to have a car on the ice every winter and people would guess which day it would fall through the ice?
A. Walden Pond.
B. Mosey Creek.
C. Tommy’s Turnpike.
D. McDill Pond.
E. Joan Rivers.

BONUS QUESTION: Who plays that guy in the Farmer’s Insurance commercial who says: “Talk to Farmer’s. We know a thing or two cuz we’ve seen a thing or two”.? NOTE: I know this has nothing to do with Point but I get a kick out of the dude.

The Stevens Point Quiz Answers: 1. C- Local attorney Jared Redfield. 2. C- Peter Weller. 3. C- Dave Suchon of Dave’s Body Shop. 4. C- Kathy Kinney. 5. A- Westy’s. 6. D- Flounder. 7. D- Frame Memorial. 8. E- Bowling alley. 9. C- Bukolt Park. 10. D- McDill Pond. BONUS ANSWER: J.K. Simmons.

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