Sexually violent offender released in Alban

Metro Wire Staff

A violent Milwaukee County sex offender has been placed in a state-run home in the Town of Alban.

Officials from the Department of Health Services notified Portage Co. Sheriff Mike Lukas in late March they intended to place Gregory Loomis, 43, at 4068 State Highway 49 in Alban sometime prior to April 15.

Loomis was committed to a secure state treatment facility in 1996, after serving sentences for two convictions of first-degree child sex assault. Loomis was convicted in 1988 and 1992 of assaulting boys and girls he was babysitting in the Milwaukee area.

According to a news release from Lukas’ office, Loomis was placed in the home on April 9, but the sheriff’s office wasn’t informed until April 10.

Lukas scheduled a community notification meeting on April 4, where county and state officials explained the process of releasing a sexually violent person, and the restrictions under which he would be required to live, and heard concerns from the public.

A hearing to challenge the placement is pending in Milwaukee Co., Lukas said, adding that Loomis is subject to extensive supervision and electronic monitoring.

“The sheriff’s office has implemented protocols to respond to any potential violation of [Loomis’] placement conditions and rules,” the news release read in part.

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