Semmerling kicks off run for District 1

By Brandi Makuski

A UWSP grad has announced her candidacy for the city’s 1st District.

Shannon Semmerling, 44, said it was her recent experiences in chairing the 2018 fundraising drive for the United Way of Portage County, and graduating from the Citizen’s Academy offered by the Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office, that prompted her to run.

“I have had an opportunity to see and learn even more about our community beyond the 20 years of experience I’ve had as a volunteer, as a professional, here in Stevens Point,” Semmerling said. “So I felt like, with the additional information came additional opportunity and responsibility┬áto share that with my neighbors, and to engage in this expanded way.”

The Brawley St. resident lives in an area of the city some refer to as “Tribecla”—the TRIangle BElow CLArk St.—as a term of endearment for the neighborhood. She is married and has no children.

Semmerling refers to herself as a public relations practitioner and owns Ask Shannon PR, LLC, which she established in 2014. Prior to that, Semmerling said, she spent about two decades in communication leadership roles for employers in various industries. She is also a certified yoga teacher and holds a bachelor of arts in communication.

“I was taught by my parents from a very young age that it’s important to give my time, talent, and treasure to our community,” she said. “I see this as an opportunity to serve my neighbors in District 1 as a demonstration of that belief.”

She plans to launch a social media page and website for her campaign in the near future, but Semmerling said she plans to conduct the majority of her communications with constituents in person.

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