Report: Wisconsin eighth best for working moms

Metro Wire Staff

A new report from Wallet Hub puts Wisconsin among the top 10 best states for working moms to live and raise a family.

Women comprise about half the workforce in America, according to the report, yet earn only about 85 percent of their male counterparts.

“Workplace inequality brings up not just financial questions but also deeply ingrained social issues—for instance, should women have to choose between career and family?” the report reads in part.

Wisconsin is making progress for moms, though, with strides in cost-effective daycare, public school improvements, and other support systems for mothers in the workplace.

Wisconsin ranked 13th in overall childcare quality, 11th in professional opportunities for mothers, and 10th in work-life balance. Metrics used in the study included statistics on the availability of pedestrians per capita, the number of child care workers, the gender pay gap, median salaries, and average workweek length.

The full study can be found here.