Repeat convict jailed for witness intimidation

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By Brandi Makuski

A Stevens Point man is being held on $10,000 cash bail after being accused of intimidating a witness in an upcoming domestic abuse trial.

Tyrone Brown, 37, was arrested on May 4 after a domestic abuse victim reported to Stevens Point police that he’d violated a no-contact order by visiting her at home. He appeared by video from the Portage Co. Jail on May 7.

Brown arrived at the victim’s home “out of the blue”, according to Portage Co. District Attorney Louis Molepske, under the guise of paying part of the $13,000 in back child support he owed the woman. But his visit soon escalated and Brown allegedly threatened the woman, Molepske said.

“He told her she should take her kids out of school and leave town,” Molepske told Judge Robert Shannon. The woman told police Brown had threatened physical violence against her on multiple occasions, and that he seemed to know her movements during trial preparation, including when she met with staff in the DA’s office.

On one visit to the home, Molepske said, Brown reportedly pushed the woman’s minor daughter against a car.

Brown has multiple open cases involving violence in multiple counties, according to court records. Charges against him include attempted possession of a firearm by a felon, felonious child abuse, multiple counts of bail-jumping, false imprisonment, repeated counts of domestic abuse and battery, and disorderly conduct. He is suspected of a prior instance of witness intimidation, Molepske said.

“The defendant did have a prior case where the victim did not show up in court, Your Honor,” Molepske said. “The state is concerned he will not show up for trial and continue to have contact with victims.”

Shannon agreed, saying he was most concerned about the intimidation of witnesses and set a cash bond of $10,000. Brown was visibly unhappy with the decision, having slid his chair back, stood up and left the room before the hearing ended.

Brown remains behind bars. He is scheduled to return to court May 21.

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