John Quirk (inset) runs the city's website. (Contributed)

Quirk earns accreditation from Public Technology Institute

By Patrick Lynn

The city’s community media manager has a new accolade to his credit.

John Quirk recently completed a nine-month course geared toward promoting leadership in the delivery of digital and web services. Via a mix of in-person and virtual studies, Quirk is now a Certified Government Digital Services Delivery Professional, a title he earned from the Public Technology Institute, according to a news release from the city.

Quirk began working for the city in 1992 and has been the driving force behind videotaping city government meetings for availability on public access television. Eventually, he helped the city launch its website, which has won multiple awards for usability and transparency.

In 2015, Quirk saw the city’s radio station come to life, 105.9 WSNP-LP, a low-powered radio station designed for use to relay emergency information to residents. Quirk applied on behalf of the city for the FCC license to operate the station, and once approval was granted, he oversaw the installation of the antenna July of that year.

In 2018, Quirk helped the city launch its new app, which provided quick mobile access to everything related to city government, from meeting schedules to bus routes.

Quirk also oversees the city’s official social media presence and YouTube channel.