PWYA awards scholarships to area students

Metro Wire Staff

Plover/Whiting Youth Athletics has announced four scholarship winners for its 2021 season.

The $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Elliot Schmoll, Kenny Schultz, Cassandra Schultz, and Grace Repinski.

The organization made the announcement on Saturday.

The PWYA Scholarships are designed to aid students that have participated in the PWYA program, who chose to achieve a post-secondary education in college, trade school, or a certification program.

“Our purpose for sponsoring the scholarships is to provide quality educational opportunities for students that benefitted from participating in PWYA activities,” the organization wrote in a press release. “We believe that by supporting additional education and training, we are investing in the future of youth athletics. Today’s athletes are tomorrow’s coaches, umpires, and volunteers.”

PWYA relies on support from the public to continue operating. For more information go to https://www.pwya.org/page/show/6159019-pwya-scholarships.

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