POTD: Don’t mess with the city attorney

Metro Wire Staff

City Attorney Andrew Beveridge exchanges words with a passing motorist in front of the courthouse on July 9.

Beveridge was working inside the building when, while passing a glass entryway, he observed the motorist toss a cigarette butt out his window. Beveridge exited the doorway and shouted to the motorist, who stopped on Strongs Ave.

“You want to go back and pick up that cigarette butt you just threw on the street?” Beveridge called out to the male driver, as he walked to the vehicle’s window to talk with the man.

When asked later what the discussion entailed, Beveridge said the motorist expressed frustration over not being able to find a parking spot in front of the County-City Building.

According to the Stevens Point Police Department, littering is a citable offense under ordinance 24.06 and comes with a fine of $181. Ordinance citations are handled by the Stevens Point/Plover Joint Municipal Court, where Beveridge acts as a prosecutor for the city.

It was not immediately known if the motorist retrieved his cigarette butt.

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