POTD: Cleaning up someone else’s mess

Metro Wire Staff

An employee of Rasmussen Plumbing and Heating finds the source of a large leak reported at Four Seasons Mobile Home Community on Dec. 15.

Officials from the city’s inspection department were on hand in the park, 1430 Torun Rd., on Tuesday, as Rasmussen worked to cap two large water leaks on the property, which Community Development Director Ryan Kernosky said were causing a public safety hazard.

The company hauled a backhoe to the site so it could excavate about six feet into the dirt.

Water was temporarily shut off in two different areas of the park so Rasmussen could conduct the repairs this week. An estimated five gallons of water per minute had been pouring into the sandy soils since the leak was first reported last Wednesday, according to Kernosky.

Kernosky said the city hired Rasmussen to perform the work because property owner Christopher Reeves failed to do so. If other leaks are reported, the city may have no choice but to turn off the park’s city water service, he said.