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Portage Co. 4-H honors adult leaders, youngsters

Metro Wire Staff

Portage County 4-H honored several for their work in the organization during a special adult banquet on Nov. 11.

Child members of 4-H were recognized during a separate award ceremony on Nov. 12. Both were held at the Jensen Community Center in Amherst.

Adult service awards

One Year of Service:
Heidi Corcoran – Sunnyside Climbers
Mindy Golla – Eager Eagles
Amanda Jordan – Plover Clovers
Amy Konopacky – River Valley Riders
Robin Oliver – Nelsonville Zippy Zees
Samantha Wolf – Plover Clovers

Five Years of Service:
Gail Stanislowski-Lopez – Rosholt Pioneers

Ten Years of Service:
Greg Kolodziej – Casimer Boosters
Jill Metzler – Carson Climbers
Jesse Waltenberg – Nelsonville Zippy Zees

Fifteen Years of Service:
Annette Czerneski – Carson Climbers
Tracy Glodowski – Rosholt Pioneers
Jessica Kildahl – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Joshua Kildahl – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Gail Studzinski – County-Wide


Twenty Years of Service:
Sara Hintz – Plover Clovers

Thirty Years of Service:
Karen Jastromski – Tomorrow River Voyagers

Thirty-Five Years Of Service:
Mary Trzebiatowski – Plover Clovers

Forty-Five Years of Service:
Marilyn Pederson – Carson Climbers

4-H Alumni was awarded to Jordin Rekowski

Volunteer Leader of the Year to Malayna Polum

Friend of 4-H was awarded to Feltz’s Dairy Store

Youth awards

First Year Members:
Almond Busy Bees:
Kathleen Behr
Charlie Burns
Via Friedman
Eddy Reincke

Carson Climbers:
Ace Hogan
Catrina Pliska
Claire Pliska

Casimer Boosters:
Isabel Szymkowiak

Eager Eagles:
Charlotte Hamre
Paighton Williquette

Nelsonville Zippy Zees:
Elliot Christianson
Mads Jensen
Olivia Kugel
Prestin Kugel
Jaysmasin Mason
Raleigh Oliver
Myla Osowicz
Cortneen Peterson
Nora Schmied
Evelyn Wendt

Plover Clovers:
Sarah Jordan
Carlee Koziczkowski
Emma Koziczkowski
Maggie Koziczkowski

Rosholt Pioneers:
Isaiah Anderson
Hailey Ostrowski
Olivia Starr
Jayden Wallace
Charley Zdroik

Sunnyside Climbers:
John Baumann

Tomorrow River Voyagers:
Grace Britz
Sophie Britz
Lauren Golomski
Carter Ignatowski
Piper Passwaters
Sadie Passwaters
Avery Rooney

Disc Awards:
Bronze Disc – 40 Points:
Casimer Boosters:
Marcus Krueger
Glen Rydberg

Nelsonville Zippy Zees:
Elise Christianson

Plover Clover:
Abby Bey
Collin Lockman

Rosholt Pioneers:
Ethan Filtz
Jakub Filtz
Mason Filtz
Crystalina Gagas
Analin Padilla
Gwendolyn Steinhauer
Jacob Wierzba
Mason Wierzba
Marie Keck

Silver Disc – 90 Points:
Joshua Czerneski – Carson Climbers
Kelsie Davis – Rosholt Pioneers
Adison Glodowski – Rosholt Pioneers
Marie Keck – Sunnyside Climbers

Gold Disc – 140 Points:
Koy Karaliunas – Carson Climbers
Autumn Polum – Nelsonville Zippy Zees
Skyler Cisewski – Plover Clovers
Trisha Edmundson – Sunnyside Climbers
Wyatt Beaudoin – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Isaac Spoelstra – Tomorrow River Voyagers

Honor Disc – 200 Points:
Candace Lein – Almond Busy Bees
Claire Lewallen – Nelsonville Zippy Zees
Trisha Edmundson – Sunnyside Climbers

High Honor Disc – 260 Points:
Juniper Rydberg – Casimer Boosters
Samantha Simonis – Rosholt Pioneers

Jillian Bruder – Casimer Boosters
Joshua Kolodziej – Casimer Boosters
Maia Zalewski – Casimer Boosters
Brooke Mallek – Junction City Golden Stars
Kjiersten Kazda – Nelsonville Zippy Zees
Samantha Simonis – Rosholt Pioneers
Maria Kildahl – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Jacob Spoelstra – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Ethan Zilisch – Tomorrow River Voyagers

Leader of Tomorrow:
Candace Lein – Almond Busy Bees
Juniper Rydberg – Casimer Boosters

Key Award:
Candace Lein – Almond Busy Bees
Jacob Spoelstra – Tomorrow River Voyagers
Noah Spoelstra – Tomorrow River Voyagers

Youth Leadership Awards:
Candace Lein – Almond Busy Bees – Large Animal Science Award
Adison Glodowski – Rosholt Pioneers – Large Animal Science Award
Marcus Krueger – Casimer Boosters – Small Animal Science Award
Camryn Wade – Almond Busy Bees – Plant and Soil Science Award, Teen Leader Award
Elise Christianson – Nelsonville Zippy Zees – Historian Award
Autumn Polum – Nelsonville Zippy Zees – Club Secretary Award, County Youth Leader Award
Brooklynn Trzebiatowski – Plover Clovers – County Youth Leader Award
Kelsie Davis – Rosholt Pioneers – Visual Arts Award
Trisha Edmundson – Sunnyside Climbers – Club Secretary Award
Marie Keck – Sunnyside Climbers – Family, Health and Home Award, County Youth Leader Award

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Malayna Polum
President Portage County 4-H Leaders Association