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Police & Sheriff Calls, March 12

March 12

Backwards Extortion: A 26-year-old man called police at 2:17 AM from the 400 block of Michigan Ave. to report someone was attempting to obtain money from him after he shared an explicit video.

Thin Ice: A 60-year-old woman called deputies to say she worried the ice was too thin for a person riding an ATV on McDill Pond at 1:44 PM.

Warrant Arrest: Police nabbed 32-year-old Errol Johnson on the 2800 block of Minnesota Ave. at 6:46 PM. Johnson had been wanted by police for about a week after failing to appear in court.

Tough Start to Adulting: A 19-year-old man was arrested for operating a vehicle after his license was revoked during a traffic stop near Maria Dr. and Prentice St. at 9:52 PM. The man’s license had been revoked due to a previous OWI offense.