Police, fire, help honor longest-serving volunteer at St. Mike’s

Metro Wire Staff

Ascension St. Michael’s Hospital honored its longest-serving volunteer with a surprise birthday parade on May 18.

Joyce Boyden celebrated her 90th birthday, in part, with a parade of Stevens Point fire trucks and police vehicles passing by the Stevens Point home she shared with her husband, Ed.

The parade was organized by Boyden’s fellow volunteers and friends.

“Joyce truly loves the people she volunteers with, and is thankful for the opportunity to volunteer with such great individuals,” said Susan Motz, Volunteer and Guest Services Coordinator for Ascension.

Boyden said she enjoyed being one year younger than her husband Ed, but only for a day—on May 19, he celebrated his 92nd birthday.

Joyce has been a volunteer with St. Michael’s since 1983, and still volunteers weekly in the Patient Care Escort Department.

“Congratulations Joyce, and thank you for all that you do for Ascension St. Michael’s Hospital,” Motz said in a press statement.

Local police and fire departments have participated in several birthday and other celebratory parades as a means of goodwill during the COVID-19 pandemic, but most departments have announced in recent weeks they can not continue to participate.