Plover Fire Department closes public lobby

By Brandi Makuski

The Village of Plover is following suit with other local agencies, and on Tuesday closed its public office to help mitigate the COVID-19 emergency.

PFD locked its office door at about 11:30 on March 17.

“We’re trying to limit our exposure to the public,” said Fire Chief Mark Deaver. “We need our people to be healthy.”

While most services can be done online at or by phone, Deaver said some services still need to be addressed in person.

Anyone needing a burning or building permit should call ahead, and fire dept. staff will meet with them individually in the hallway. Payments for a building permit can still be made with the village clerk’s office across the hall.

Otherwise, Deaver said, all fire dept. and first responder operations will continue as normal.

The Plover Fire Dept. can be reached at 715-345-5310. To reach the building inspection office, call 715-345-5312.