Piotrowski to resign from role as city clerk

By Brandi Makuski

City Clerk Paul Piotrowski has announced he is resigning from his office in January.

Piotrowski announced his plans to resign via email on Friday, saying he’s planning to campaign for another elected office in April but declined to elaborate.

“I believe that continuing to serve as an election official would create a conflict of interest—or at least the appearance of such a conflict,” Piotrowski’s email read in part. “I am, therefore, resigning from my current position as the City Clerk for Stevens Point. My last day in office will be January 31, 2020.”

Piotrowski was appointed as interim clerk last October, filling a vacancy left by former Clerk John Moe, who left the city after 13 years in the position. Piotrowski was elected to a full term in April 2019.

Piotrowski, a U.S. Navy veteran, graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a degree in political science. He retired from SPPD in 2017, after 27 years with the department. Since then, he’s worked as a transportation security officer at the Central Wisconsin Airport and as a part-time educational assistant at SPASH, his alma mater.

In a follow-up interview with the Metro Wire on Friday, Piotrowski said he expects the city will post a job opening and search for a new clerk on an interim basis, similar to the way he was hired, in January.