Photo of the Day: the power of inaccurate signage

Metro Wire Staff

A handmade sign at the corner of Clark and Division streets invites the public to an “open debate” on Tuesday night at the courthouse.

The sign accurately conveys the time, date, and location, but not the event itself. It is not an open debate, according to County Executive Chris Holman.

June 18 marks the monthly meeting of the County Board of Supervisors, which does include an agenda item relating to a new possible government facility in east Stevens Point.

While it’s a related topic, Tuesday’s discussion topic doesn’t reference actually moving county government offices, Holman said—only authorizing an outside firm to create a design for the new building. Once that step is complete, he said, the county board will be asked to consider specific design elements and costs related to the project, which is one piece of a proposed property exchange between the city and the county.

The public does have a chance to speak on the issue Tuesday night, Holman said, a common practice at public meetings, but a board meeting is very different from an “open debate”, he said.

Comments will be limited to three minutes and must be related to the actual topic: “Authorizing BWBR/Dewberry to Commence with the Design Development on 20-25 Acres of Green Space.”

“The public can come and register their comments as usual but it’s a regular board meeting,” Holman said, adding an overflow room may be open if Tuesday night’s attendance warrants it.