Photo of the Day: Should’ve stayed home

Metro Wire Staff

Drivers from Johnson Towing in Stevens Point help a stranded motorist in near-whiteout conditions on April 14, one of hundreds of reported tows across the county in the past 48 hours.

Tow-truck driver Ben Gaboda estimates his company alone has performed at least 70 rescues, some of which have been on large trucks.

The Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office, along with police in Stevens Point and Plover, have all requested motorists stay off the roads unless they need to travel for an emergency.

Snow emergencies remain in effect for Stevens Point and Plover until Monday, meaning any vehicle left on public streets may be ticketed and towed.

According to the National Weather Serivce, about 16-and-a-half inches of snow has fallen in the past 72 hours. The weather forecast as of 1:50 p.m. includes an additional 7-10 inches of snow before the storm begins to taper off early Monday.