Photo of the Day: Santa and His Sherr-Elf

Metro Wire Staff

Santa Claus (Mayor Mike Wiza) and his elf (Sheriff Mike Lukas) pose in front of a Christmas tree at Roosevelt Elementary on Friday.

Wiza played the part of Santa Claus’ stand-in for the school’s Breakfast with Santa event, joking that he “elf-a-tized” Lukas for the day.

Sheriff Mike Lukas reads to students on Dec. 22. (Metro Wire photo)

Lukas dressed as Santa’s elf, referring to himself as a “Sherr-elf…an elf with an attitude,” when youngsters said he was “too tall to be an elf”, or queried as to why an elf would carry a gun. Lukas also read to several classes on Dec. 22 from a book of Santa-themed stories.

“I had to leave the sleigh and reindeer at the airport,” Wiza told K-2 students, some who squealed with delight. “Right now, they should be feeding my reindeer because they’ve got a long trip coming up in a few days.”

Friday is the last day of school for public and parochial students in the area before Winter Break. Students return to class Jan. 2, 2018.

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