Photo of the Day: Oops

By Brandi Makuski

A Portage Co. woman was not injured following a single-vehicle collision with a decorative rock at Lower Whiting Park on Sunday.

The woman told deputies she had come to the park on July 31 to unwind after a hard day. While leaving, she said she had her eyes on the flowage south of the McDill Dam when, at about 4:40 p.m., she inadvertently drove over one of the 24-inch decorative rocks embedded around the parking lot.

She rolled the rock about 18 inches away from where it was planted, then her SUV was lifted about two feet from the ground, rendering it immobile.

“If you did this 100 times, you would never be able to duplicate it,” said Deputy Jared Mayer, who said he was “amazed” there wasn’t more damage to the vehicle.

Mayer said there was almost no visible damage to the front end of the vehicle but once the vehicle became lodged on the rock there was damage to the radiator, causing coolant to leak from the vehicle.

Mayer declined to cite the woman, saying she’d already had a hard enough day. Fred’s Towing was called to remove the vehicle.