One Portage Co. Board seat challenged in spring election

Metro Wire Staff

The Portage Co. Board of Supervisors will essentially be the same following the spring election, with only one race contested.

Incumbents James Gifford (District 14), Dale O’Brien (District 19), and James Zdroik (District 25) are not seeking reelection.

Candidates for the April 7 Portage Co. Board of Supervisors election follow:

District 1
Vinnie Miresse (I)

District 2
Chris Doubek (I)

District 3
Meleesa Johnson (I)

District 4
David Medin (I)

District 5
Julie Morrow (I)

District 6
Mildred E. Neville (I)

District 7
Dave Ladick (I)

District 8
Joan M. Honl (I)

District 9
Ntxhais Chai Moua (I)

District 10
Bob Gifford (I)

District 11
Stan Potocki (I)

District 12
Mike Splinter (I)

District 13
Donald Jankowski (I)

District 14
Anton Anday

District 15
Allen Haga Jr (I)

District 16
Daniel Martinson (I)

District 17
Dennis Raabe (I)

District 18
Larry Raikowski (I)

District 19
Scott Soik
Melinda Osterberg

District 20
Charles Gussel (I)

District 21
Jeanne Dodge (I)

District 22
Matt Jacowski (I)

District 23
Barry Jacowski (I)

District 24
Gerry Zastrow (I)

District 25
Ray Reser

As of April 21, 2020, supervisors will be paid $56.3833 per meeting, up to three per meetings a day. That rate will increase to $56.9471 on April 20, 2021. The Portage Co. Board Chair earns $24,603.60 as of April 21, 2020, and that salary will increase to $24,849.64 in April 2021.