Excel Preschool and Arrow Academy are located at 4500 Industrial Park Dr., just across from Stevens Point Fire Station No. 2. (Metro Wire photo)

New child care center also offers services for developmentally disabled kids

By Sierra White

Excel Preschool and Arrow Academy are places where learning and caring come together.

Jointly located in the 24,000-square-foot former Skyward building at 4500 Industrial Park Dr. in Stevens Point, Excel Preschool offers both full and half-day preschool options for children ages 2-5, five days a week.

Arrow Academy provides Applied Behavior Analytic services (ABA) for children with developmental disabilities and autism.

Both are owned by Brittany Printz, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The businesses relocated from 5225 Heffron Ct. on June 1.

“We were able to increase the signage, be a little bit more noticeable,” Printz said of the new facility. “And we have an outdoor playspace, so we were able to increase the time of the program.”

Options for Excel Preschool previously offered two-and-a-half-hour programming four days a week.

Arrow Academy focuses on center-based treatment, in-home consults, and respite services, targeted at a wide range of developmental disabilities.

“We can serve children with a wide array of behavior deficits or problem behavior,” Printz said. “It’s not exclusive to autism.”

Printz, of Stevens Point, said launched Excel in June after unsuccessfully seeking childcare for her own daughter. Arrow Academy has been in business since March of 2017.

“I was looking for something like this for my daughter… something she could attend that was more preschool-based, early education,” Printz said. “And I wasn’t really finding anything that I was expecting to find in the community, so I was hoping to roll this out as a good preschool option for those families if that’s what you were looking for.”

“We really focus on that early education,” Printz added. “Following the schedules, and pushing each child to develop the best pace for them, and seeing gains.”

Excel currently employs three headteachers and two assistant teachers.

“We have the teachers go through their curriculum,” Printz said. “And keep track of where the kiddos are, and how we can push them forward. We give out a curriculum that will encourage them to learn in those different areas that they need.”

Arrow Academy has eight BCBA’s, who each manage from 4-12 child cases. Printz herself no longer works directly with clients, and has dedicated her focus to growing and expanding Excel Preschool, as well as “building relationships in the community to further expand our treatment services for families,” she said.

Since starting at the new facility in June, precautions for COVID-19 have always been a part of the schedule.

“We opened with this new all-day [programming] while that was already going on, so we don’t really know any different,” Printz said, “other than doing all the extra sanitizing and wearing masks, and everything else.”

Registration is currently open to attend, and options are offered over the course of the school year and the summer months. There are currently 20 children enrolled at Excel, with immediate openings for more.

Arrow Academy currently serves just over 50 clients and a waitlist for further enrollment.

“I just want everyone to know that we’re here,” Printz said. “And if this is something that you want for your child, that it’s an option for you.”

Registration information and the Parent Handbook can be found on the Excel Preschool’s website at https://www.excelwi.org/. Activities and reading videos can also be found on their Facebook page.

Arrow Academy information and treatment options can be found at https://www.arrowacademywi.org.

For more information on Excel, contact Brittany Printz at [email protected]. More information on Arrow Academy can be found by emailing [email protected].