Monday night’s “Bud Berry” coed softball results

By Tim “Shoe” Sullivan

At Moore Barn Memorial Park across from Doug’s Sports Pub, Monday, June 11.

Kim’s Barrel Inn (2-2) 14 Team BAMF (0-3) 10.

Note: Game ended after six innings due to the time limit.

Kim’s Barrel Inn: Three hits: Jake Mortimer. Two hits: Kassie McGettigan, Megan Wiczek, Laura Bauer, Jack Mortimer, Dalton Wriedt.

Doubles: None.
Triples: None.
Home Runs: Codi Klismith.

Team BAMF: Three hits: Graham Edwardson. Two hits: Kerry Bretl, Steve Stroik, Christopher Ashland, Jake Bailey, Miranda Domask.

Doubles: Graham Edwardson, Lakyn Lloyd.
Triples: Graham Edwardson.
Home Runs: Graham Edwardson.

Note: Laura Bauer of KBI got a bump on her leg from sliding into third. The official scorer sold her an ice cube for a buck to help keep the swelling down.

Another Note: Kim’s Barrel Inn was short one girl player. Ordinarily, that spot in the batting order would then be an automatic out. However, Steve Stroik of BAMF brought his son Caleb to the game, and the teams agreed to let him play. Caleb played centerfield the entire game for KBI. At the plate, Caleb had a single, was safe on a fielder’s choice, and scored two runs. Caleb was voted “Player of the Week”.

Pointe Precision (1-2) 14 Sloppy Swats (2-1) 13. (A real thriller!)

Pointe Precision: Three hits: Bobby Sullivan, Kyle Norwood, Craig Wold. Two hits: Mike Mancl, Sam Stuard, Jared Shilka, Amber Orlikowski.

Doubles: Kyle Norwood, Jared Shilka.
Triples: Andy Horst, Bobby Sullivan
Home Runs: Mike Mancl (walk-off game winner).

Sloppy Swats: Four Hits: Mike Strong. Three hits: Taylor Gregorich, Taylor Heuring. (A good night for Taylors). Two hits: Jesse Schuler, Jen Eggleston, Pat Scheele, Laura Bauer.

Doubles: None.
Triples: Pat Scheele.
Home Runs: None.

Note: The Swats led 13-12 with Precision coming to bat in the bottom of the seventh. Bobby Sullivan led off with a double, Melissa Dombrowski moved him over to third, and Mike Mancl followed with the game-winning inside-the-park homer to end the epic battle.

Note: Christopher Ashland took some game photos for the Metro Wire.

Airport Bar (3-0) had the bye.

League Standings:

Airport Bar: 3-0. Sloppy Swats: 2-1. Kim’s Barrel Inn: 2-2. Pointe Precision: 1-2. Team BAMF: 0-3.