Monday night ‘Bud Berry’ coed softball results

By Tim “Shoe” Sullivan

Monday, June 18 at Moore Barn Memorial Park across from Doug’s Sports Pub.

Pointe Precision (2-2) 12 Kim’s Barrel Inn (2-3) 7.

Pointe Precision: Four hits: Joe Kinsella. Three hits: Max Delap. Two hits: Andy Horst, Anna Mally, Kyle Volovsek.

Doubles: Kyle Norwood, Andy Horst,
Triples: Joe Kinsella (2), Andy Horst.
Home Runs: None.

Kim’s Barrel Inn: Three hits: Jesse Mata. Two hits: Jake Mortimer, Bobby Sullivan. Two walks: Jack Mortimer.

Doubles: Jesse Mata (2), Jake Mortimer, Bobby Sullivan.
Triples: None.
Home Runs: Bobby Sullivan.

Winning Pitcher: Kyle Norwood.
Losing Pitcher: Jake Mortimer.

NOTE: Pointe Precision’s Joe Kinsella, Meg Lee, and Anna Mally turned two double plays.

NOTE: It was raining cats and dogs in the morning but the field dried and the playing conditions were excellent.

Pointe Precision captain Kyle Norwood said: “It was a big win for us and got us right back in the thick of things.”

Airport Bar (4-0) 11 Team BAMF (0-4) 1

Airport Bar: Three hits: Adam Lee, Garrett Karnowski. Two hits: Meg Lee, Kyle Brooks, Kyle Volovsek, James Marthaler. Two walks: Megan Wiczek.

Doubles: Adam Lee, Meg Lee, Garrett Karnowski, Kyle Volovsek.
Triples: None.
Home Runs: None

Team BAMF: Two hits: Brad Ashland. One hit: Graham Edwardson, Jake Bailey, Steve Stroik, Christopher Ashland.

Doubles: Brad Ashland, Jake Bailey.
Triples: None
Home Runs: None

Winning Pitcher: James Marthaler
Losing Pitcher: Christopher Ashland.

James Marthaler threw a six-hitter.

NOTE: Lakyn Lloyd scored BAMF’s run. The defensive highlight of the game was Steve Stroik’s great diving catch at third base. Kim Schmitz of Airport said, “Scuba’s play was awesome!”

Sloppy Swats (2-1) had the bye.

League Standings: Airport Bar: 4-0. Sloppy Swats: 2-1. Pointe Precision: 2-2. Kim’s Barrel Inn: 2-3. Team BAMF: 0-4.