Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center opens urgent care

Metro Wire Staff

Urgent care is now available at the Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center.

The urgent care center at 4100 State Highway 66 is available from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, for illnesses and injuries that require medical attention in a short timeframe.

The Marshfield Clinic Health System has had some presence in the Stevens Point area for almost three decades. The system expanded with its Stevens Point Center in 2013 and Marshfield Clinic Cancer Center in Stevens Point in 2017.

Urgent care is for injuries and illnesses that need care fast but are not life-threatening, according to a news release from Marshfield Clinic. Emergency care is for serious medical conditions when delaying care could cause permanent harm or death.

Among the ailments that can be treated in urgent care are allergy symptoms, animal and bug bites, sports injuries, cuts that need stitches, coughs, congestion and sinus problems, ear infections, mild fevers, minor burns, painful urination, persistent diarrhea, pink eye or other minor eye problems, rashes, severe flu or cold symptoms, throat pain, and vomiting.

Urgent care also is a more affordable alternative for patients as copayments are typically less expensive than emergency department copays.

The system offers urgent care at nine of its clinics throughout central, northern and western Wisconsin in addition to securing emergency department access at hospitals for patients with life-threatening conditions.

“We are dedicated to helping central Wisconsin residents by simplifying care for patients where, when and how they want it,” said Dr. Brian Hoerneman, Emergency Medicine. “By offering urgent care, we can help people feel better and get back to their busy lives more quickly.”

For more information, Stevens Point Center Urgent Care can be reached by phone at 715-343-9360 and fax at 715-343-9362.