Man Charged After Causing Disturbance on City Bus, Hotel Theft

By Brandi Makuski

A 51-year-old Stevens Point man will be in court next week to answer for charges related to bail-jumping and stealing from a downtown hotel.

Wesley J. Wierzba was arrested on Dec. 12 after a city bus driver reported an intoxicated and disorderly man, identified as Wierzba, refusing to leave the bus. According to the criminal complaint, Wierzba appeared “highly intoxicated,” with glossy eyes and slurred speech, when police responded to the bus stop on the 1200 block of Main Street.

When officers first approached Wierzba, he was seated on the bus, but during questioning suddenly fell to his right, striking his head on the seat next to him on his way to the floor. Police helped him back into the chair, noting Wierzba was so intoxicated he could not stand on his own.

Police attempted to help Wierzba off the bus, but he became agitated and began punching the bus window, the complaint said. He was finally removed from the bus with the help of three officers and an EMS crew that was called to the scene, at which point he was taken into custody and transported to St. Michael’s Hospital for treatment.

Wierzba was arrested again on Dec. 22 for a charge of bail-jumping when he was accused of stealing food from a guest convenience store located inside Cobblestone Hotel in the Downtown District.

According to the complaint, Wierzba was captured on the hotel’s security video entering the convenience store area and placing several items in his jacket, including ice cream treats, beef sticks, playing cards and a cup of soup. He was also seen taking a pizza from the store’s freezer and heating it in a pizza oven located there for use by the hotel’s guests.

Officers later found Wierzba at a local warming shelter, where he admitted to having stolen the food because he was hungry. During questioning, police noticed the odor of alcohol on his breath, which was an indicator he violated orders from a judge to remain sober. His blood alcohol content that night was .137, the complaint said.

Wierba was charged again on Dec. 31, this time with bail-jumping and disorderly conduct, when he was reportedly abusive towards staff members at St. Michael’s Hospital.

According to the complaint, Wierzba was swearing loudly and swinging his arms at hospital staff while being treated in the emergency room. When police arrived, the complaint said, he admitted to having consumed “a little” alcohol earlier in the evening.

His blood alcohol content was .245, according to the complaint, more than three times the legal limit of intoxication. 

Wierzba is scheduled for his initial appearance at 1:30 PM on Jan. 16.