Letter: UWSP professor supports District 9 challenger

To the Editor-

I am writing this letter about Brian Beaulieu who has announced his candidacy for District 9 Alderperson in the City of Stevens Point. While I am in District 10 and thus cannot vote for Brian, I can address issues related to his character.

Brian has been a lifelong resident of Stevens Point and has been living in District 9 since 2005. We met in 2003 when he delivered a lawn tractor that I had brought from Sears. He had just finished high school and was headed to Mid-State Technical College. Then, a few years later, he came to service the tractor. He came by to fix several of my things over the years. I was always impressed at how good he was at his job. More recently, he has moved on to working at local paper mills. Thus, Brian will be a voice for the blue-collar, working-class person.

In our business transactions, Brian was always on time and had a pleasant, calm, and confident attitude about what he was doing. One of the things I like about Brian was that he never had anything bad to say about anyone. He is extremely respectful of people. There is no prejudice or malice of any kind. He is the kind of person I like, and so we became friends. When I needed advice on fixing something he was right there. We both like dogs and cars.

Brian goes by my motto, “Treat people how you want to be treated”. He treated me well from the first day we met. He listens well and does his best to patiently explain things. These are qualities that would be desirable in an alderperson.

Within the last two years, Brian has taken an interest in his health. He has changed his eating and exercise habits. Thus far, he has lost over 75 pounds. A lot of people try to make such lifestyle changes, but few are successful. Brian’s success at this endeavor is a good example of how when he sets his mind to doing something, he gets it done.

In summary, Brian is a hardworking and dependable individual. He is patient, respectful, and a good listener. He is easy to get along with and has the ability to accomplish what he sets his mind to. He will represent the working person. His goal is to make the city a better place. I believe that he is an ethical and trustworthy person who is worthy of your vote.

Mark Plonsky, Ph.D.
Stevens Point

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