Letter: Teaching about diversity is about ‘teaching truth’

To the Editor-

As I read a Letter to the Editor published on Feb. 21, I just shook my head because apparently those of us who want an inclusive culture in our schools for all of our children are Nazis.

Then I read Jessica Harlan’s letter in response. Beautifully written, no name-calling, smart, respectful, and true.

Teaching our white children about the history of our black and brown children, for example, isn’t to instill fear. Teaching our white children that they are born into a country that has historically given them an upper hand isn’t divisive. Teaching truth is power.

I have gay children and an Asian daughter. I have taught them to see color, to see differences, to see the beautiful diversity in the LGBTQI community. When you see the differences, you recognize other’s experiences have not been like yours. Your empathy grows. Your desire for equity grows. You help make a change.

Jessica, I hope the School Board sees your letter. Thank you for such inspiring words.

Becky Kraemer Loy
Stevens Point

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