Letter: South Bus. 51 business owners, customers, want their voices heard

To the Editor-

I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room, and I will be the first person to admit when I am wrong or when I have made a mistake. When I am trying to accomplish things and do not understand all that is involved, I have no problem asking for help.

So I must ask the question; why based on studies (not facts), does the Stevens Point City Council insist on going against the wishes of thousands of local citizens and Southside business owners, with changing the footprint and traffic flow of one of the business north-south thoroughfares in Portage County?

There have been many dollars spent on the studies, however, studies can be manipulated into many different results. There can be a case made why it is better to take a hot-air balloon from Mosinee to Las Vegas versus an airplane. That is great if you like hot-air balloon rides, but not so much if you need to be in Las Vegas tomorrow!

Some have condescending attitudes and make fun of all the yard signs—but they are there for a reason. The thousands of customers who shop at the Southside Bus. 51 businesses want their opinions to be heard. These customers and businesses do not want single lanes, or to lose the driveways that access those businesses.

Yes, the existing road surfaces and utilities need updating, that is not the question. Keeping the existing footprint will not result in any businesses or homes being torn down.

I mowed lawns to save up enough money to buy my first bicycle and was then able to get a paper route. To this day, I still enjoy riding my bike, but does every road need a bike lane?

I graduated in the bottom half of my class from Waupaca High School. I’m sure there’s a record of that somewhere. I have never claimed to be smarter or better than the next guy, but even I know there is more than one solution to most problems.

Clearly, there needs to be more work done and more conversations to resolve this.

John Knoke
Owner, South Point Plaza

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