Letter: School Board challengers offer ‘vanilla statements,’ lack policy

To the Editor-

In 1959 Mom donned a suit, white gloves and attended the PTA Meeting. She did not wear a raggedy political shirt, refuse to follow school protocol, get arrested, and make a movie of this contumacious exhibition.

Present-day school boards are now the new battleground in the fight for America’s future. Meetings have devolved into the politics of petulance with Freedom Fighters protesting diversity, masks, vaccines.

Last summer the Freedom Fighters attempted a School Board recall. The much-ballyhooed stunt resulted in a total of eight legally verified signatures. Their next gig is to be the School Board. They are running on vanilla statements and cannot verbalize their policies.

These disruptors are treating any expertise in medicine or education as irrefutable proof of malicious intent. They’d rather force kids into an environment science understands to be a veritable Golden Corral for COVID. They want to be oppressed so badly, instead of fighting a global pandemic, their war is with the School Board. These boisterous folks appear irreparably broken and incapable of learning. I’m not sure civil servant is their game.

Please vote for Jeff Ebel (eight years) Barb Portzen (six years), Rob Manzke, and Dennis Raabe. They are exceedingly well informed, intellectually curious, open-minded, thoughtful, kind and they know what they’re doing. The actual needs of the school children are always their priority.

Jody Hurrish
Stevens Point

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