Letter: Sawyer’s personality makes the difference

To the Editor-

I recently retired from the Portage County courthouse.

I worked in the District Attorney’s Office for 31 years of my 45 years with Portage County. My first contact with Steve Sawyer was during that time when I had the honor of waiting on him.

Steve was very pleasant and made a lasting impression. Steve treated me with respect as an equal and not a second-class citizen. Steve did not do that just because he knew I was the one that would provide him access to the office. I felt appreciated and not just an “I pay your wages” public servant.

Steve is well versed in all aspects of the law. He is a man of integrity, kindness, caring, and compassion.

After attending the candidate forum on March 17 and listening to the responses of both circuit court judge candidates, I am confident that Steve Sawyer is the only choice for Portage Co. Circuit Court Judge Branch 2.

Please join me on April 5 in supporting Steve Sawyer.

Debra Gilbert
Stevens Point

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