Letter: Retired teacher grateful for community support

To the Editor-

As many of you know I was diagnosed with stomach cancer on November 28, 2018, and have been undergoing chemotherapy since December.

Since that time the support I’ve received from this community has been unbelievable. Michelle Strasser-Goman started it all by organizing a “Grabski Gang Fundraiser” at SPASH to help with paying bills and posted it on Facebook. Students at SPASH have organized fundraisers at school.

Numerous schools in the district have held fundraisers. Former students (and parents of those students) have sent well wishes, prayers, visits, financial support, offers of help/food, and cards. Community businesses have held fundraisers and offered support. Friends have offered support. A former student comes to plow our driveway and refuses to allow me to pay him!

A special thank you to all my former students, as well as students I never taught. The outpouring of support and prayers from this community has often brought tears to my eyes.

I would like to thank this entire community for all the support my wife and I have received and recognize it as the best community in the entire world! Thank you!

Dave Grabski
Stevens Point

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