Letter: Residents should vote ‘yes’ for health care center

To the Editor-

I don’t want to be at the mercy of the for-profit, private sector. If tragedy strikes and I end up financially devastated, I know the so-called free market will not take care of me.

With my wife, Nancy, and a group of like-minded grassroots advocates, I’ve spent too many hours of my time, fighting hammer and tongs to keep the Portage County Health Care Center owned and operated by the county. Yes, countless hours of endless meetings have finally brought us to this juncture.

On April 5, the voters will make the final decision.

Do we continue to have five-star skilled nursing care in Portage County or don’t we? To put it bluntly, if I’m ever incapacitated, I don’t want to lie in soiled sheets or an adult diaper for hours on end because an overworked, underpaid CNA is taking care of a whole building of residents overnight by their lonesome because some greedy corporate overlord demands profits over people.

I’ve worked my entire life from my pre-teen years and even so, one financial crisis could put me in a financial situation like so many others where all that’s left is Medicaid. Think you’ve saved enough money to last a lifetime if you’re careful? What if you guessed wrong?

The only place we can count on if we need skilled nursing care will be the Portage County Health Care Center. That’s why I’m not taking any chances. I’m voting YES on April 5.

Joe Roppe
Stevens Point

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