Letter: Resident wants school district to figure out lunch deficit

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To the Editor-

This morning, while scrolling through WSAW.com, I came across a donation ad that says “Wipe Out Stevens Point Area School District Lunch Debt.” The school district, along with Express Employment Professionals, want people to come together to donate money to help “wipe out over $25,000 in student lunch debt in the Stevens Point Area Public Schools.” And with your donation, you have a chance to win a Blackstone Grill.

As a taxpayer who unfortunately is stuck paying my fair share of this infinite $14 million request from the Stevens Point Schools referendum that passed in April, I ask the school district to figure out this problem.

School lunch is not a donation request to the public, especially when some people have no vested interest in the district, except for paying their property taxes to keep the school going. When my kids were in school and we were going through tough times, we didn’t get any aid/assistance from the district or government. We paid the fees and lunch money every time it was needed and sacrificed somewhere else.

How much more money does the district need to cover their expenses plus help those students who need it? In a couple of years, I’m afraid the district is going to come back to the voters and request more money because the district can’t make it with what they have coming in.

Remember…Taxation without Representation. Demand more of your district and school board. It’s your money.

Cash Cooke