Letter: Resident says city leaders can’t be trusted

To the Editor-

I see the city is once again “seeking” public input for the Business 51/Division Street project.

My question is, why? Why does this group of people go through the motions of claiming they want to hear from us? Each time the public comes forward to give their opinion on a city project, our opinion goes completely ignored. These ridiculous bike lanes all over the city are a prime example. Did the city ask us if we wanted bike lanes? I understand they were partly paid for by the DOT grant we got five years ago, but five years ago, did anyone ask the public then?

And whose bright idea was it to put those ridiculous bike lanes on Michigan Avenue? What had been regular lanes for years are now the most awkward turn-only lanes at Clark Street and Main Street that only about half of the drivers seem to be aware of. I’ve nearly been sideswiped numerous times by someone who was unaware of the change.

Paying for dedicated bike lanes seems like a waste of money to me, especially since they are already allowed to ride on the road. What’s next? Skateboard lanes? ATV lanes? Scooter lanes? Until we start seeing some real strength from city leaders that don’t derive from a personal agenda, we can’t trust any of them.

Roseanne Phile
Stevens Point

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