Letter: Reader surprised at demands for ‘free’ news

To the Editor-

As a longtime reader of local newspapers (50+ years!) I rely on the local news provided by community newspapers. Anyone who regularly reads local news can clearly see the connection these local reporters have with the community.

In recent weeks, I’ve observed a lot of complaining in Facebook comment threads that this publication charges for its news. It’s surprising and disappointing that so many people expect to get something for nothing.

Reporters have families and bills to pay, like everyone else. They provide us with an essential service that very few others would ever want to attempt. Why should they work for free? Wouldn’t you expect to pay for a meal in a restaurant?

I regularly see stories in the Metro Wire’s publication that aren’t reported anywhere else, and I recently canceled my subscription with another paper because of its poor writing and lack of connection to our community.

I’ve lived in Stevens Point for more than 30 years and I am very sad by the number of people willing to spend time complaining about what they see in the headline without actually reading the story. Many of these same people have also been calling for replacing members of the city council. Well, if you don’t read the story, how can you vote?

I have been a Metro Wire subscriber since they began their paywall about eight months ago. I love getting the “Wired In” printable editions every Sunday! I have become a better-informed citizen and a more-informed voter. I encourage you all to fork over $5 a month to pay for this great source of local news!

Roseanne Phile
Stevens Point

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