Letter: Reader supports school district, board

To the Editor-

I am a member of Central Wisconsin Stop the Spread and am writing in support of the Stevens Point school board and the actions taken by Superintendent Craig Gerlach.

These duly elected officials and the superintendent are acting in the best interests of the children of Stevens Point and the rest of the community during a dangerous and continuing worldwide pandemic. Children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated and masking is the next best preventive measure that can be taken during an uptick in infections among children. Other nearby school districts are also requiring masks.

Opponents maintain that vaccines and masks don’t work. It has been shown over and over that they do work in reducing the risk of getting or getting seriously ill from COVID infections. Opponents maintain it is cruel to children to make them wear masks all day. My sister is an elementary school teacher and reports that kids don’t care about masking. They want to be with their friends, and if they have to wear a mask to do it, they will. It’s the parents who are overwrought and are making this about something other than public health.

COVID does not care about your personal choice, your freedom, or your timetable. Thank you to the school board and Superintendent Gerlach for recognizing this basic fact and acting for the common good.

I urge you to refuse to sign the recall petition.

Kathy Celer
Stevens Point

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