Letter: Reader says School Board incumbents support big government

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To the Editor-

Big government, supported by our local schools, has been hurting our teachers and our students, and the Stevens Point School Board has done nothing to alleviate the problems.

While big government demands more paperwork from teachers and less quality student time, our teachers suffer from burnout, and our students from indoctrination. For big government to thrive, they must indoctrinate our teachers with the divisive Critical Race Theory, which is neo-Marxist.

CRT replaces Karl Marx’s classes of capitalist employers and common workers with those of different races and is the foundation for groups like Black Lives Matter. Remove color blindness and cause the races of people to fight against one another so we’ll have a revolution and vote for the party of big government. That’s why most of BLM funds went to the Democrat party and to fancy houses for its leaders, rather than toward beneficial items like school vouchers for black children in poor households.

Classes in our junior and senior high schools push socialism onto our students and turn conservatives into leftists. I’ve spoken to many parents who are dismayed that their children have left Christianity and have turned left politically because of the indoctrination they received in class. I’ve brought this up to our current school board and asked to have this put on the school board agenda so taxpayers and parents can discuss their concerns. They refused.

Two classes at SPASH, Intro to Diversity and Social Problems, have been indoctrinating our students with CRT, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. While diversity sounds like a good thing, it is against diversity of thought, against conservative and smaller government, against Christianity. Equity is against equality of chance, putting bias against those who are considered oppressors, including Christians, whites and white adjacents (Asians and Jewish people), males, heterosexuals, and the able-bodied. Instead of choosing people for positions based on their merits earned, like good grades and references, people are chosen based on their skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. Inclusion is about excluding those who are not into Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, and Critical Queer Theory.

This school board has allowed our students and teachers to be indoctrinated to serve big government.

Maybe the time spent indoctrinating our children should be spent on core subjects, which is why we send our kids to school. As for me, I’m voting for those new school board candidates who will do something to ease the burden on our teachers and to stop the leftist indoctrination of our students. We need all hands on deck with this election because so many of our citizens have been indoctrinated to vote for a bigger government. Also, fewer people will be voting at this mid-term election, which, means every vote makes a bigger difference. Please join me in voting for Kari Prokop, Alex Sommers, Jennifer Bushman, and Miguel Campos.

Katie Wojta

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