Letter: Reader responds to liberal column

To the Editor-

Well Ms. Lisa, way to not debate someone just to attack their opinions and status/position in life (which they worked hard for and achieved by themselves).

Dan has been to countries that have a lack of individual freedoms and served against communist ideologies that have been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. He also has served his community in education, volunteer fireman then law enforcement, and has seen the drastic impact of liberal policies on society, which he also has fought against in the local school board. He has a family and children in your community and just wants his best to protect and serve ALL.

If you have a liberal idea that works he will be more than happy to discuss and help! The problem is they don’t work! Look at CA, NY, IL, and all of the urban centers, total breakdown of society. Liberal drug policies, gun ownership restrictions on law-abiding citizens, and the Liberal Biden administration destroying border security will kill thousands this year as fentanyl/dangerous illegals are transported/dumped to MN, WI, IL to pray on small-town America and the unarmed innocents in urban centers like Chicago.

You might not care for Dan’s aggressive debate style but have you seen 99% of the Fake News media and the current White House Press Secretary? They have created a false narrative propaganda machine Stalin’s and Goebles would envy. Lastly, fair-minded liberals are encouraging families to report family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers for having visceral differences of policy opinion with the current administration just like Nazi Germany, the USSR, and China.

Flyover America is tired of megacities dictating policy, where Chicago destroyed all of Illinois, as did Detroit in Michigan. Well-meaning liberals are greasing the skids to a hell of Venezuela and Cuba right before our eyes.

History has proven conservative policies improve the economy and society….So save your Facebook grenades, put on your liberal big girl pants, and debate with facts not whining about a man who has been a leader in war/law enforcement (actually risking his life each day for YOU) his whole life and just wants to protect all of our citizens from radical left policies such as men competing in women’s sports because they identify as a woman….Praise the man for being in the arena (Sorry, historical reference to Teddy Roosevelt, they hid that in a book, in a class that actually taught history rather than re-inventing it) seek out a common goal, support it with proven policies and facts and you will find Dan a friend indeed.

But don’t blow sunshine and rainbows around with your platitudes, he will remove that veil of illusion quickly….For your own good, I might add.

P.S. He doesn’t think he is smart, he IS smart.


Joseph L. Haack
LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Stevens Point

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